More cards from reader Bill #1 – 2013 & 2014

21 12 2016

Bill from a few posts ago (but the post was nearly a month ago – sorry 🙂 – busy) sent me more cards.

OK, that’s an understatement of the highest degree.  He sent me a boatload of cards!  Enough that I spent a decent portion of last night going through baseball cards for the first time in quite a while.  It would have been more, but the 1.75-year-old decided he didn’t want to go to bed and that complicated things.

Back to cards.

It sounds like Bill went to the National in Atlantic City – I got the chance to go a year ago when it was here in (suburban) Chicago.  He bought a large lot of cards and there were a bunch that I have listed on my wants.  It’s so many cards, that I’ll never be able to post it all in one post.  So here’s post #1 – cards from the early part of the decade.

This is the very recent portion.  First, he sent me a ton of the 2013 update mini cards (1971 version).  23 cards total – which is almost half the set.  I’ve only got about 13 cards left for this 50-card set.


After that – this individual card is worth posting, because this is a pretty rare pull.  I’m a long way from finishing this set.


Next up – here are some other highlights 2013 Topps insert cards.  Worth noting: Bill finished off a set for me.  Making their Mark may be my next post, hopefully in the next day or two.


Next up are some highlights of the 12 or so 2014 cards Bill sent.  The Power Players insert was my favorite set of that year.


Oh, and Bill sent me a few cards from 2011 and 2012 so I’ll add those here.



Again – I can’t get this all into one post, so this is just the first of (I think) 3.  More to come in a day or two.  Thanks Bill!



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