1980 Topps vending box break

5 06 2010

I’ve been living out of a hotel for the last month while I transition from Ohio to New Jersey.  So, after a long layoff from this blog and from baseball cards, I’m back to updating my project.  I opened the 1980 vending box, which contained ~500 cards (512 actually).  Numbers below don’t include my first box; this gives a feel for how close the vending box got to completing a set:

35 doubles (9 of which were triples and 3 of which are quads)

477 of the 726 card set. (65.7% set completion)

One good thing about the vending box – there are no gum stains or wax stains, so all the cards are allowed to go into my set.  I didn’t do quite as well with this box.  I did get another Henderson, so that was pretty good.  Other than that, though I didn’t get an Ozzie, a Ryan or a Rose from this box.  I still don’t have a Mike Schmidt or a George Brett – the two MVPs! – which kind of stinks to be missing both of those guys.  I did get Eddie Murray this box.  Again, pretty shocked at how good the collation was; I’d read that the vending boxes tend to get you a ton of doubles – I was hoping for like 6 Henderson rookies 🙂

However, the crossover between opening both a wax and vending box wasn’t quite as good as I thought, though I can’t complain too much.  I’m 56 cards short out of 726 after opening both boxes.  So the vending box netted me 214 singles after opening the other box.  Now the task is to get those last 56 cards, maybe through trading or other means.  I’ve posted a list of what I still need on the website – “Topps Cards needed” at the top of the page.

A sad day…

2 06 2010

Griffey into wallHe wasn’t the first sports icon I remember, and he won’t be the last, but there won’t be another quite like him. I sure feel a lot older after hearing the news today; I’ll miss you on the diamond “Kid”…