A couple of trades

12 02 2013

I completed a couple of trades in late January / early February.  This makes it 3 for the year in 2013.  I’ll probably have less this year than my 40+ trades from last year – just going to have less time this year.  But I’m glad to swap a few cards with these guys.

The first one is my second trade with Weston from the blog Fantastic Catch.  I see he’s got the Nyjer Morgan card from 2013 Topps on the top of his blog now – a good and appropriate choice!  We swapped some 2012 cards – here’s highlights for what I received on my end.

Trade Fantastic Catch February 13

The other trade was with a blog reader Jeff, who reached out to me for a trade.  I sent him some Gypsy Queen cards and some cards from a bunch of various base Topps sets.  He sent me a bunch of cards for my base Topps project – from a few different years – and some inserts as well.

Trade Jeff L February 13 Trade Jeff L February 13_0001



2 responses

15 02 2013
Jeff L

Glad to see that you received the cards I sent. I received my package from you yesterday. Thanks for the trade. You managed to take a large chunk of my ’99 Topps and ’11 A&G wants and now I’m down to the final card for the ’95 Topps Traded set. All the best in completing your sets.

15 02 2013

Thanks to you, too, Jeff!

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