Trade with reader Dan

1 02 2011

I completed my second recent trade with a reader who contacted me via this blog.  This time it’s from Dan from West Virginia – close to my old home state of Ohio! 

Dan sent me around 100 cards from my set needs, and I sent him a bunch of doubles from this project to fill his set needs.  Dan – I sent your cards out in the mail this past Saturday.  This includes a few ’81, ’83 and ’86 Topps, and good chunk of ’82 and ’85 Topps. Very helpful for those last 2 sets.  Scans of what I received are below.

First, some Dodger Hall of Famers – 2 Don Sutton subsets and a Tommy LaSorda Dodgers team card. Additionally, 2 more California cards of Hall of Famers, and a card of a young Julio Franco, still some 20+ years before he would hang up his cleats.

A Johnny Bench subset card I needed from the 1982 set, and a couple guys with some interesting names. If I mentioned “Boomer Wells for the Blue Jays” – you’d think I was talking about the hefty guy who got traded for Roger Clemens, pitched a perfect game for the Yankees, and wrote a controversial book. David “Boomer” Wells. Next, mention Dan Boone and most folks would think of the famous American frontiersman.

I also received some current year Topps cards –  Garret Anderson on 2 different teams and a guy for the Indians who is making absolutely sure he doesn’t get any interference from the sun. Finally, a couple Orioles to get me ever closer to completing the 1989 Upper Deck set.



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