More cards from reader Bill #2 – 2015 & 2016

27 12 2016

Continuing my post from a few days ago

Bill also sent me a bunch of cards from the past two years.  Some were base cards.  He finished off my 2015 Topps set with this card:


And he finished off my 2016 set with the 15 cards I needed – here’s 3 highlights from that set.


He sent a number of card from the First Pitch set that was in both years of cards.


He sent me some 40 other insert cards from 2015 as well.  Here is just a small highlight of those other cards.


That finished off the Eclipsing History set for me – and got a bunch of others much closer.

Lastly, he sent me about 25 more 2016 insert cards for me.


That’s it for tonight!  Thanks again, Bill – one more post tomorrow.



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