2 Trades – Hugo and Smed

12 03 2011

I recently completed two trades.  The first was with Hugo, who emailed me after reading my blog.  I sent Hugo a bunch of doubles from my 2011 Topps purchases, and he sent over a bunch of 87 Topps and a few Topps cards from the last couple years. Oh, and a Ron Karkovice ’88 Topps – can’t forget that.  So thanks Hugo!

The next trade was a 2nd-time trade for me – I got some 87 and 88 Topps cards from Smed’s Cards.  I now have both Rob Deer cards from these sets – zing!

Scott, the proprietor of this fine site, is a full set-crazy pack rat like me.  He may be worse than me – I seem to have a number of mid 90’s and other sets I’ve been able to help him with.  His is a great site that takes looks at individual cards and points out some of the hard-to-find-tidbits on the men pictured on those cards.  Did you know that Lenny Faedo could have been the 1987 Twins’ SS had he not reported to Spring Training overweight?  Did you know that Michael Barrett’s 0.3 WAR consists of a positive offensive 7.9 and a negative defensive 7.6?  Neither did I, but I do now!  Thanks for the trade Scott!



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