Trade with Mantle Man and reader Jeff

16 01 2012

I completed two trades in early January this year – so I’m off to a good start from a trading perspective in 2012.  These were my 2nd and 3rd trade of the year – and my 40th and 41st trade since I started this blog!

The first was a trade with Jim aka “Mantle Man“.  I had a few newer Mickey Mantle cards I was able to send Jim’s way, and also had some ’94 Topps Gold and other cards for his set collections.  Jim sent me a ’91 Topps card (every little bit helps), and the best part of the trade – cards #481-510 from 1996 Upper Deck.  I believe these were cards from the “Update” portion of this set that you could only get via mail-in or something.  It’s not part of my Lifetime Topps project or the retro set stuff that I’m doing – but once upon a time I was actually an exclusive Upper Deck card collector.  To be honest, seeing these cards compared with what Topps had in the mid-90’s, I remember why.  They have crisp photography and a design I like.  These update cards aren’t super-easy to come by, so getting them via trade really helps.  Thanks Jim!

I also completed a trade with reader of my blog – Jeff.  I sent Jeff some Cubs cards from his wantlist, while he sent me some base Topps cards toward my project and a couple of inserts.  Thanks for the trade, Jeff!



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