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Hello, this is my baseball card blog. Primarily, this blog is going to me recording my attempt to collect the base Topps set for every Topps card since I was born, starting with the 1980 set. I’ll also use it to give general commentary on other baseball card stuff.

I’m a big Ken Griffey Jr. fan, as well as a fan of anything Reds. I’m also a Michigan football and hoops fan, particularly Jalen Rose and the fab five. Other than this Topps project, here are some of the things I collect:

Jalen Rose cards

Various Retro Sets from 2011 & 2012

Upper Deck and SP Authentic base set cards

Eric Davis cards

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28 11 2010

Hey, I came across your blog from reading Emerald City’s newest post. I just wanted to say that I have a bunch of cards you need on your wantlist. If you send me your address, I’ll be more than happy to send them on over to you.

28 11 2010

Sure, sent you an email. Thanks!

14 02 2011

Great blog – love the Topps project. I have my own Topps Project that I am working on…a signed Yankees Topps base card from each year – 1952 through now. I’m about halfway done. Take a look, and hopefully we can make a trade soon!

– The Lost Collector

23 02 2011


I just stumbled upon your blog and I should be able to help you out quite a bit with the 85 and 87 sets (maybe one or two 84s). Email me and I can let you know what I have for you.

Fantastic work on the blog by the way. one of the better ones that I have found.

28 03 2011
John C

Hi. I have more or less 15 cards from your UD and Topps lists. If your interested in trading let me know and I’ll send my want list. Thanks J

25 04 2011

Saw your comment on my blog. Wanted to let you know that I found a sweeeet Jalen Rose card while looking through someone’s photobucket the other day. It’s this card, #;d 2 of 10 with a 3 color, 4 color break swatch – http://s1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb409/kramerattack/NBA/Jersey%20and%20Patch%20Autos/?action=view&current=scan0160.jpg

I actually bought a bunch of different cards from the guy through the Blowout Forums, but he’s willing to sell or trade that one too. I’m not sure if you have a Blowout Username but I thought I’d mentioned it!

25 04 2011

I don’t – but I’ll look into it. That card is sweet!

I have typically drawn the line with anything #’d below 50 for Jalen cards – but am beginning to rethink that for cards like this that AREN’T parallels. I don’t need a card I already have auto’d in blue #’d to 100 and the “Red” version #’d to 25 – but some cards are less than 50 and are themselves unique. We’ll see! Thanks for the heads up!

23 07 2011
Michael B

Hi, just came across your blog as I’m trying to get my cards organized finally. At least have a bunch of the 1989 topps on your find list. Send me an email.

15 08 2011

I have a copy of the 1980 Unpublished Topps Proof Yankees Team Card with Billy Martin It is a blank back. Extremely lucky find that cost me approx. $1.00. Very cool card!

23 08 2011
Jeff Laws

Someone has already spoke up for the ’52 reprint auto you wanted on my blog (My sports obsession) but if the trade falls through, I’ll let you know. GO BLUE!!!!

23 08 2011

OK, thanks! Go Blue!

1 10 2011
Motez B

sweet, i dig this project. much respect. loved collecting Topps as a kid. Had no idea they still resonate so much.

1 10 2011

Thanks – it’s been fun getting back into it!

2 12 2011

Awesome website..want to share my 1980 Topps story…loved collecting it as a kid so I decided to try and collect the set by buying wax packs only and trying to get the entire set…Needless to say 500 dollars and 2 years later, I have every card but one…Henderson rookie..At first I thought the packs I have purchased from various dealers were looked through but I dont feel that’s the case because I must have pulled 5 Ryan’s and Smith’s along the way which are all semi-valuable so I dont feel the integrity of the packs were compromised…needless to say I will keep buying packs until I get a Rickey…I now have well over 2,000 cards pack fresh..most are doubles and triples..I plan on selling my doubles and triples to help finance my next project.. to colect the 79′ topps set in the similar fashion…Chad

3 12 2011

Wow, that’s unlucky. Yeah, this was by far the most expensive to collect from my 1980-current project. I got two Henderson’s – 1 from my wax box and 1 from a vending box. It was about 500 bucks total, though.

3 12 2011

I looked at it like when I was 10 years old a pack cost half my allowance..now a few hundred bucks is nothing for all the fun I had opening the packs and reliving some cool memories…But lets hope I get some Smith Rookies early and often when I start on my 79′ set project..:)

3 12 2011

LOL. Good perspective – that’s sort of how I’m doing it – I want to open at least one box for each set/series. 1980 is a really cool set – crazy that out of all the cards – it’s the Henderson you’ve got left. Good luck getting it!

4 12 2011

I do have one complaint maybe you can appreciate about cards in general…Did you know there are more George Brett cards (types) made in 2005 (years after he retired) then in 1980?? Insane a kid now would have to find his favorite player in 20 different sets and all the dumb reprint and archieve cards when in 1980 he could just get his regular topps card and an all star card (maybe a league leader as well)….sorry I’m old school and really never accepted this new 20 dollars a pack everybody is looking for a piece of the damn uniform card which is 2 of 2 in some idiotic company of cards I never heard of…Chad

4 12 2011

Yeah, there are more options now, though there’s too many options. I think card companies have pushed alot of collectors away by having too much – particularly having too much that is too rare. Often, collectors (of any sort – not just cards) are completists. Particularly card collectors. But it isn’t possible to be a completist of any type any more – you just have to decide what you want and stick with that, or just throw your hands up and say screw it, you’re done. I think there was a happy medium that long since left. I think this happened because there are a lot more people who aren’t collectors – and to make money and get their dollars, card companies do what they do now. It is what it is – in some ways, I love that there are more options now. I bought Topps Heritage for the first time this year – and that was awesome with the 62 design. That would have never existed back in 1980, or even 1990. But the bad has come with it, too.

23 12 2011

One more freaky thing I noticed with 80’s cards…sorry if you already adressed this in another blog…did you notice Topps made the all stars or great players the 100 or 200 or 300 even numbered cards? Anyways almost every card numbered 100/200 etc is a stud…EXCEPT 1985 Topps..all the great players are again 100 200 etc but Oddibe McDowell card numbered 400…a career .230 hitter…I wonder why?? Last, last, last question what gives on the 2001 Archives set which has every players rookie and last card made…except Ozzie Smith which has his 1980 Card as his rookie and not his 79′ sorry I have always wondered why??

23 12 2011

That Oddibe McDowell card is part of the Team USA subset – the subset was from cards #’d 389-404. Since card #400 was in the middle there – it was going to be a guy who, at the time, was a recent draft pick. They’d have no way of knowing who out of them would turn out or not – though it would have been cool if they made McGwire #400 – he was card #401.

25 12 2011

That would have been cool…now that McGwire is caught up in the steroid thing I guess Oddibe has a better chance of getting in the Hall of Fame anyways…:) Chad

4 01 2012
Jeff Pedersen

Similar to a lot of these messages, I just found your blog and I’ve got a small stack of cards I think you need. Please email me at jeffpedersen42@yahoo.com and we can set something up.

7 01 2012
Josh Mack

Hey there, I just found your blog as well, and I think this is an awesome project you are doing! I’ve been working on something pretty similar with a lot of the Topps sets across baseball, football, basketball and hockey. I may be able to help you out quite a bit with the 1989-1993 baseball sets, if you are interested. Keep up the great work!


2 03 2012

Came across your blog recently. I enjoy collecting Topps baseball cards. Not so much after the late 90’s when I stopped buying baseball cards. I’m looking for Complete 1988/1987/1986/1985/1984 sets as well as the Traded/Updates from those years as well. I have 1989-1993 complete sets a few from 1994 & 1995 but can’t find complete and traded sets from those years.

I do like your blog and your commentary over the cards.

2 03 2012


They did release a traded set in ’94 – but it was in a different shaped box. Check out my post below:

Nothing factory set wise for the 95 traded set. Also – I’ve seen 94 and 95 factory sets (as well as 84-88) for the base set on eBay from time to time – I actually have posts describing what Topps released if you go to the “overview” from that year on this blog.

30 03 2012

great blog! i found your site googling “topps all-star rookie” since i’m trying to do and autographed run of these and the “#1 draft pick” subsets. very informative and will be a great resource for me. much kudos and thank you.

30 03 2012

No problem, hope it helps!

3 04 2012
Matt McMahan

Do you have any intrest in purchasing the 1984 and 1985 Nestle Uncut Sheets. These are essentially Topps cards, look just like Topps Cards, only Topps printed Nestle’s name on them as a collector item. There are 132 cards per sheet, 8 sheets of 1984 and I believe 7 1985. My friend has them and was wanting to sell them.

3 04 2012

No interest right now but thanks for checking!

25 04 2012

I actually have quite a few of the R & N China porcelains. If anything would just like to chat more about these. Be glad to email you pics. I’ve had them for close to 20 years now, all mint. Hope to hear from you soon!


27 04 2012

Bryan, thanks for reading – yeah, I’ll shoot me an email. Those “cards” seem pretty interesting – seems like there isn’t a ton known about them.

7 05 2012
Erick Anderson

Sorry I know you are very busy,but being a Topps expert I hope you can help me. I have pulled a very large amount of 2011 Diamond ANNIVERSARY cards that are drastically misprinted. They look normal except the Topps logo is missing and the silver lining is not present on the border for. The player name, the team name and the team name is not printed around the baseball with the team logo. If you look very carefully you can see a very faint indentation where the topps logo should be. They are also missing the players position. I have asked numerous people about this but no one can explain…please help if you can. I haven’t met anyone else with this particular misprint, I just want to know if this is common and why I keep pulling these. Thanx for readingq, hope to hear back.

8 05 2012

I’ve seen printing mistakes on those cards every now and then. I don’t really know much about them. I think you could try to send cards to Topps to get replacements, but they might only do that for current year cards.

Sorry – that’s about all I know!

8 05 2012

Thanx for taking the time to read and answer. I really appreciate it

6 01 2013

Hi, was just reading through some of your baseball card posts and was wondering if you have any 2012 Topps MLB stickers left to either trade, sell, or give away? My son needs a ton for his sticker book and we are getting so many dups in each pack. I’d be more than happy to send a few $$ via PayPal to you for some if you have any and we can’t trade anything.

He is also collecting 2012 Topps Series 1, 2, update. Got any dups for those you are looking to unload?

Thanks for considering my request. – Brian in NY

5 02 2013

Just came across your blog and may have a number of cards to help you fill sets. If you’re interested in trading, let me know. Thanks.

9 04 2013
Jason Culley

Very cool idea! I just got back into baseball card collecting after seeing a few blogs out there started my own. It will be interesting to follow you and see if you can complete your mission!

9 04 2013
9 04 2013
Jason Culley

I included a link to your blog in my blogroll, hope that is okay?

9 04 2013

Yeah, sure. Good luck to you as you get back into the hobby!

4 06 2013
P-Town Tom

You left a comment on my blog about the ’13 Archives Eric Davis Autograph. I’m having a difficult time tracking down your e-mail address.
Send me a note and we’ll work something out.

5 06 2013

Sent you an email – thanks!

12 06 2013

you left a comment on my blog about a 2013 gypsy queen trade. I’m looking for base cards. I have a bunch you need as well as other topps cards I saw on your want lists. Shoot me an email and lets trade. Btw…amazing undertaking you have here!

2 07 2013

I’m interested in your thoughts about (more in the 411 info. type);
– card grading, the companies out there, and any pros/cons etc., best pricing, evaluating which cards are worth it, etc. Or just a link to this type of info.
– Trading in general – your suggested sites for finding people to trade with, how to approach, gauge cards, etc.
– Displaying collections, etc. How do you get to enjoy such a vast collection, artfully mounted favorites from each set, unknown.
Thanks & Have fun!

28 08 2013

Great blog! I enjoy your entries as I too am a big Reds Fan, current favorite player is Jay Bruce, but Eric Davis was the one I watched in the late 80 develope ino a power hitter and made me a fan. I love classic Topps cards as well as the new stuff, but I cant get enough pre-1990 Topps in my collection!

28 08 2013

Thanks! Big home run for Bruce tonight!

22 05 2014
Carlos Keith (@SunBlue412)

I have a cal ripken jr promo card from 1998 that is almost impossible to find. Contact me @ teevo421@aol.com if interested

29 06 2014

Just found your blog did you happen to sell the Longoria plate yet? Please contact me if you havent.Thank you

4 01 2015

How do I contact you to set up a trade? You don’t have any contact info on this blog. YankeesNYY@verizon.net email me please. I have about 20 cards on your want lists.

7 01 2015

Former MLB player needs your email address please.


10 01 2015

Sent it a couple of days ago. Thanks for checking out the blog!

23 04 2015
TheItalian Completist (TheItalianCompletist)

Hi, I think I could help you with some of your sets.
If you send me an e-mail with your address I could gladly send you some cards in the coming weeks.
My mail is calciati.riccardo@gmail.com and my blog is

regards from Italy!

30 10 2015
Doug Felber

Hi, I just got my Redemption Historical Rhetoric card back, Gettysburg Address, I’m just curious what you received ? Thanks, Doug

31 10 2015

I got it in the mail, but haven’t had a chance to open it yet. I’ll be doing a post on it in a little bit once I do get the chance.

10 11 2015
Mark M

I receive a comment from you about interest in a Troy Tulowitzki Warm up jersey card. Go ahead and contact me as I am sure we can work a trade. Thanks. Mark from My Best Friend Collects Chipper Jones

4 12 2015
Hugh Ridgway

I saw a picture of the Kansas City Athletics home field attributed to your blog. Do you have that picture? I have been searching for one like it. That is where I went to games as a child.

4 12 2015

Hi – it’s from the post below. I found it on the internet, can’t remember exactly where it was from, but feel free to download it.


19 12 2015

Stumbled across your blog while google searching info on the Topps Michigan Test packs from 83.’ From one Topps collector to another – cheers!…

19 12 2015

Thanks Andrew!

14 04 2016
john okeefe

Checking around the net and I see that Conlon cards are a big collectable set. I’m looking for the 1995 Conlon set. I think only 50,000 sets made. They put out 1991-1992-1993-1994 and the 1995 Series 1, Series 2 never made the market, but home shopping network did get a hold of 8 cards that were to be put out as Series 2. Very hard to find cards. Also in the 1995 Conlon Factory set they put in a Babe Ruth card in Memory of his 100 Birthday and I think 6 Griffey Jr cards. The Ruth card Is almost the same as the one Topps put in their 1995. One is marked with Conlon and the other marked with Topps in the left hand corner. I think the Topps one is # 3 and the Conlon one is 3C. Think I got that right. Just a little FYI here. Enjoy the day.. John

15 04 2016

Thanks John!

28 06 2016

Been a while since we had a trade. Please send me your email address to see if we can put something together

7 11 2016
Bill Kearney

I have a large group of your 2001 Topps and 2001 Topps update want list

I like your blog. email me your address and I will send them to you

3 12 2016
chris wright

i have a 99 mvp ken griff jr super crome that i read you are wanting in perfick shape

6 01 2017

Hi wondering if you have seen or heard of this card. I can’t find a mention of it anywhere. I have a Topps 1987 Cecilio Guante with Pittsburg but on the back it is the stats for Denny Walling. Guante’s card was #219 while Walling’s was #222. I don’t know if this is a one time error or if there were more of them. I would think that other cards in that run had to be errors also. What is on card #’s 220 and 221? Have you seen or heard of this card? It is in very very good condition, with not even a bent corner.

6 01 2017

No, I haven’t of that specific card. Errors like that are usually one-off and fairly common during that timeframe.

18 03 2017
Mike Baird

I figured there was someone else doing what i have finally resolved to do – unfortunately I am 52 years old, so i need to go back to 1965! Thanks to a lot of collecting as a kid, i am pretty good up until 1993 – still need practically everything from 1966. Your website greatly inspired me to keep going. I have been buying unopened boxes from the 1990s recently and have run into the damaged card problem! I certainly should be able to help you with my doubles! Thank you very much for a wonderful web site!

21 03 2017

Thanks Mike!

31 01 2018
Charles J Badolato

Hi – great blog. Some of you may remember me for my semi- famous “Pricebuste” ads of the 80’s and 90’s. Made some great friends and a little money too. Boy how I miss those days. Especially the card shows where you went elbow to elbow up each and every jam packed aisles with other BB card fanatics . It was fun and .mostly friendly except for the dealers who were obviously in it just for the money and really didn’t know the difference between Willie Mays and Willie Kirkland except for their card prices of course.
Anyhow, I recently retired from my “real” job and can now give more time to my favorite “job”.
Still collect everything baseball especially vintage and would love to hear from all collectors new or old. But to my old friends among you I must warn that I am all out of 100 card lots of Don Mattingly rookies but I still have about 10,000 1986 Topos Kirk Mckaskill rookies around here somewhere.
Good to be back.
C.J. (Charlie) Badolato.
Monroe, NY.

2 02 2018

Haha, congratson your recent retirement!

8 02 2018

Hey, great blog! I saw your post about the goodwin redemption. Are you interested in selling the museum collection US medical collar disc relic? Please let me know either way. I collect the museum collection relics. Thanks!

27 06 2018

I just found this blog and feel like I found a long lost sibling! I have been working on every Topps set since my birth for years. 1977-current. I have only completed 1987-1992, 2001-2002. So close to so many others. I have a ton of doubles so I may be able to help with your later years. Let me know.

27 06 2018

Haha cool – I definitely have the same. what’s the easiest way to reach you?

4 05 2020

Hi my name is Kathleen, first time to a blog. Because when I opened our packs of 1988 topps base set I saved everything.i don’t see mention of any on the lifetime topps project. I have copies of #nno all star glossy ad w/Jack clark and spring training sweapsteaks on reverse side.
Black arrow covering words,words partly covered and the words “cards not included” not covered at all. I can send a pic thru my email if any can offer more info. Thank you. hogkat426@att.net

5 05 2020

Hi Kathleen, thanks for checking out my blog! Those were a sweepstakes promotion that they put in every pack. I actually have a picture of it at this post:


15 07 2020
albert gomes

Does anyone know about the release/distribution of the 1997 Upper Deck Jackie Robinson 50th Anniversary 10-card commemorative Jumbo set?

22 12 2020
Taylor Ramsey

Hey man – just came across your blog today and may have some of your “Elusive Eight” cards. Would you reach out to me via e-mail so I can send you a pic of what I have?

21 03 2021

Just came across your blog great stuff. I’ve written a few posts regarding sports cards myself. I actually worked for Topps for a brief period of time in the early 2000’s. After I was laid off I vowed never to buy another Topps product again. But like crack, I find baseball cards addictive and I got back into it in 2011 when Heritage did the 1962 set (year of my birth). I have tons of doubles from every Heritage set from 2011 to present. Let me know if we can trade. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

21 03 2021

thanks for checking out the blog! I haven’t really traded much recently – but let me know if you have a wantlist somewhere and I’ll check it out when I get a few minutes free!

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