Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #80 Hop Butcher Stealing Signs

8 06 2019

It’s been quite a while since I did one of these posts.  And I had this beer so long ago, I kind of forgot I wanted to post about it!  But here we are!

Brewery: Hop Butcher for the World in Chicago, IL

Beer: Stealing Signs

Description:  “Galaxy, Moutere & Simcoe-hopped Double India Pale Ale”

This is a New England Style IPA that is Hop Butcher’s main squeeze for the past ~2 years.  It’s got a creamy mouthfeel and is hoppy without the bitterness.

Medium:  I had it from a 16 oz can, which is about the only way you could get it.  And in the Chicago beer scene, that means it didn’t last long.

How it’s related to baseball:  It’s got a baseball on the logo.  That’s about it!  I think stealing signs has to do with the Moutere hop – they say they were really on top of finding that newer hop to play around with.  And this is the beer they came up with.  It’s a collaboration with Aslin Brewing from Virginia / DC Area.