That catch was fantastic!

29 07 2012

I recently completed two more trades. The first was a trade with Clark from the blog Fantastic Catch.  I had just recently found his blog, which may be due to all the Cardinals stuff in the background :).  Fan of the evil Redbirds or not, Clark has a good blog and we made a great trade.  Here’s some of the swag I got – a bunch of Topps inserts from the last three of years:

This was my 28th trade of the year – 2 away from my goal of 30, and we’re not even two-thirds of the way through the year!  Thanks for the trade Clark!

My 29th trade completed was a 2011 Lineage trade with a reader Jerry (who must be a big George Brett fan based on his email address).  Anyways, Jerry is going after the Master of all Master sets of the 2011 Lineage product – and I had a canary version (#/10) of the Jay Bruce 75 mini relic.  I bought it on eBay almost a year ago, and I was thinking I wanted to have the regular relic version and the canary.  Well, I kind of decided it wasn’t what I wanted – I’m going after some different autos / relics.  One of them is a Monte Irvin ’52 auto, which I bought on eBay.  The other is a card I got from Jerry below.  But first – mini’s!!!!  Jerry sent me about 20 of the ’75 mini parallels that I needed.

He also sent over a few more Lineage inserts – which gets me closer and closer to finishing my (less complicated) master set for this product!

I had a Votto relic on my wantlist, but that was a mistake – I was supposed to take that off when I re-focused the collection.  But I may rethink that – Jerry threw this in one anyways!

And, last but certainly not least – the card I referenced above.

This was the one relic I definitely wanted – the Reggie.  Why?  It’s the one relic that has a different picture than the base card.  I love a good old school relic, and the assortment of old school A’s uniforms are some of the coolest out there.

Thanks for the trade Jerry!



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30 07 2012
Jerry Boresow

Thanks for the trade!
This lineage master set is next to impossible.
If anyone out there has any 2011 lineage that I need, please help!
I am down to 28 / 99 mini canary relics #/10.
about half way done with the canary autos # / 10;
I have 67 / 200 different players printing plates 1/1
(trying to get at least one per player)
have 102/200 error cards from the base set.

Again, Charlie….Thanks!

30 07 2012

Wow, that is gonna be tough. Good luck and thanks!

29 11 2013


Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
It’s been a year and four months since we traded.

I am down to needing just 7 / 99 canary relics.
I need 8 / 87 canary autos …
Also have 116 / 200 printing plates now (need 84 more).

I have a list of my lineage on Sports Card Forum.

If anyone can help with this, I’d appreciate it!!



27 07 2019

Hi Charlie:

I am down to needing just 2/ 99 canary relics.
I need 0 / 87 canary autos …
Also have 153 / 200 different player printing plates now (need 47 more).

If anyone can help with this, I’d appreciate it!!



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