2 more summertime trades

21 08 2011

I completed trades with 2 more blog readers earlier this month – the first one was a huge trade of 2011 Heritage cards with someone who contacted me on my blog, Eric.  Eric sent me over a ton, and by ton I mean a TON, of Topps Heritage cards, and I sent him everything I had from his Heritage wantlist and a few other things that could help him complete a master set of that.  So this put a serious dent into my Heritage wantlist – I’ve actually finished up the base (non-SP) set now!  Below are just some highlights of many Heritage cards I received – thanks Eric, I owe you if we trade in the future!

My next trade was with another blog reader, Paul from down the road in New Jersey.  Paul sent over some other card sets I’m collecting – a good chunk of ’06 and ’07 Upper Deck base cards.  I sent him some Upper Deck cards he needed.  Highlights are below – say what you want about UD (I didn’t love their designs the last decade or so), but they did always seem to have some good photography!  Thanks for the trade Paul!



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