Moving on from February trade posts … to March trade posts!

10 03 2012

I completed a record 7 trades in February – and continued on in March.  In fact, I actually got this trade package in on the first day of March.  This came from a Jason at Hobbs’ Knights, who answered my plea for any 1996 inserts available for trade!  Jason had some base Topps cards toward the main part of my project…

And, as answered, he had some cards toward the insert sets I’m collecting.

Thanks for the trade, Jason!

I also finished up a trade with a blog reader name Brendan.  Brendan contacted me about a trade – and we were able to swap some cards.  I sent him some cards to help him out with his 2012 Topps set, and a couple of other inserts I had dupes of.  Brendan sent me some insert cards as well – here’s some highlights below:

Thanks for the trade Brendan!



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