Trade with reader Mark

5 08 2013

I recently picked up a bunch of cards from a blog reader named Mark.  Mark is a big Andy Dirks collector – and I pulled a Dirks 1/1 printing plate of Topps mini last year.  So I sent that over to Mark, along with a few other Tiger cards, for a bunch of cards from my Topps wantlists.  Here’s the cards Mark sent over.

First, he basically completed my Topps mini 2012 set.  I’ve been waiting on this set, since the trading has kind of dried up recently on it.  There’s only one card I need still – and the reason Mark didn’t send that was because I had a typo on my wantlist (d’oh)!

Trade reader Mark August 2013

To prove to all you skeptics out there that they really are mini cards, I scanned them next to another group of cards Mark sent me.  That being a whole bunch of these Spring Fever cards.  Those aren’t all that easy to find, since you had to get them from a hobby shop as opposed to just getting inserts from a pack.

Mark also sent over a few more 2013 inserts that you’d actually get from a pack.  The Harper completes my least favorite insert set from series 1 – Chasing the Dream.  Mark also completed the series 1 portion of the Chasing History insert set.

Trade reader Mark August 2013_0001

All in all, this was a great trade for me – Mark knocked off a ton of stuff from my wantlist.  Thanks for the trade again, Mark – enjoy the Dirks (and sorry it took me a while to get it out to you)!



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