Trade with reader Matt

30 05 2014

I completed a 2nd trade over the past month.  This time it was with Matt, a blog reader from Mississippi.  Matt and I swapped some 2013 and 2012 Topps cards.

First up, Matt finished off the base set for 2013 for me.

Trade 2014 reader Matt 2012 Topps

He also sent me 3 cards from the 2013 “Cut to the Chase” insert set, which is probably my favorite out of last year’s flagship Topps inserts.

Trade 2014 reader Matt cut chase inserts

He also sent a bunch of other 2012 inserts, which helped me put a further dent into these Topps insert sets!

Trade 2014 reader Matt Topps inserts



2 responses

3 06 2014

Glad to help out, and thanks for the cards you sent me!

5 06 2014

thanks Matt!

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