Trade with blog reader Ken

19 01 2015

Another trade I finished up recently was a trade with a blog reader named Ken.  Ken reached out saying he had some cards from my wantlists, and guessed correctly that I might have some cards that he could use.  Ken is a Yankee fan, and is collecting Yankee cards from all the Tops sets, Baseball Flashbacks from Heritage, as well as league leader cards from Topps or Topps Heritage.  So I went through and found about 40 cards that fit the bill to send his way.

Ken sent me 12 base Heritage cards – I’m now down to only needing a few of the non-SP cards.  He also sent me a Baseball Flashback of Señor Clemente.  One card left before I wrap that set up.

Trade reader Ken - 14 Heritage

He also sent over a few ’89 mini die-cut inserts from 2014 Topps.  This is a 150-card set, and it’ll take me quite a while to finish it. 4 more cards toward that goal!

Trade reader Ken - 2014 Topps 89 minis

Finally, Ken sent me 3 inserts from 2014 Topps Update.  This was my first All-Star Access card from last year’s Update set.  The Power Players set is probably my favorite insert set in 2014 Topps – the color is great!

Trade reader Ken - 2014 Topps Update inserts

Always happy to knock a few cards off my wantlists!  Thanks for the trade, Ken!



One response

18 02 2015
Marc Brubaker

Where can I find Ken’s wantlists? Sounds like I might be able to help.

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