Trades with readers Nick & Mike

7 08 2011

Here’s a temporary break before I finish up Gint-A-Cuffs.  It had been a while since I did any trades.  But I either just completed, or am in the middle of finishing up, a number of trades.  Here are two of those trades.

The first was with a reader of the blog, Nick, who emailed me about a post I had where I noted I was interested in the Goodwin Champions Animal Kingdom patch for Wolverine.  I’m going for the Wolverine and the Bengal, for my two favorite football teams (funny, both haven’t been too good over the past few years).  Nick also sent over a ton of “retro” cards – some Gypsy Queen doubles he had, this year’s Heritage, Ginter and Goodwin cards, and a plethora of other fun cards for me.  I sent over a bunch of Gypsy Queen cards, which is the set he’s collecting.  Here’s some of the highlights, including the Wolverine card.  Thanks Nick!

The next trade was with blog reader Mike, who sent me over some ’89 Topps; I sent him some random Red Sox cards.  Every little bit helps – after Lineage comes out, I’ll be moving back to my main project, starting fresh with a new decade & 1990 Topps.  Thanks for the trade, Mike!



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