2014 Topps series 2 hobby box – inserts & the hit

4 12 2014

The last post for my series 2 packs is the inserts and the lone hit.  One thing I noticed in this series – there were fewer inserts than in series one.  That’s a good thing by my book!

As always, or at least “as usually”, I’ll go in the order of “least favorite” to “most favorite”.  My least favorite cards are these buyback things.  I would rather have pulled two more base cards or two more inserts.

2014 Topps s2 75th buybacks Tovar Cowens

The “Upper Class” insert wasn’t continued (yay!) – so my least favorite this round was “The Future Is Now”.  This isn’t a bad design, and I kind of like the darkening effect put into the photos.  But the thing I don’t like – it’s a set of 30 cards but only 10 players.  Each player has 3 cards.  They also have random quirky phrases on the front. I like that there are no retired players; they tend to overdo that.

2014 Topps s2 Future is Now

Replacing the Rookie Cup inserts from series 1 is Saber Stars, which is a fairly cool insert.  This set goes over the newer stats and how those players stack up – like “fielding independent pitching” and “UZR”.  The design is kind of so-so, but these are interesting reads to me.

2014 Topps s2 Saber Stars

Topps did 1987, 1972 and 1971 minis over the past few years – this year they went back to the 25 years ago idea and created a die-cut version of the 1989 set.  The scan is pretty challenging on these – oh well.  These are up there, but not my favorites from series 2!

2014 Topps s2 89 mini

Replacing “Before They Were Great” as the thicker inserts was “Future Stars that Never Were”.  This gives a Future Stars design at different old Topps sets.  I love this idea, and kudos to Topps for thinking up cool ways to incorporate this into various older designs.  These are tough pulls – you only get 2 per box.

2014 Topps Future Stars Never Were Koufax Gwynn

I also pulled the gold version of the Jose Canseco – there are only 99 of this insert parallel.  This was a pretty decent pull – 1:387 odds.  I think this is a bad card in this set.  First – it’s from 1987, when Topps had Future Stars.  So I don’t really think doing it in those years makes sense.  Second, more importantly, this one has the All-Rookie Team cup – it just doesn’t seem right to make a card that has both of those subsets!  Go ahead and throw it on Jose’s 1986 Traded card, that works better for me.

2014 Topps Future Stars Never Were Gold Canseco

The main reason I usually go for the HTA jumbo box is that you’re guaranteed to get an auto, a relic and a manufactured relic.  Well, as expected, my hit was a relic – Jacoby Ellsbury from the Trajectory relic set.  In fairness – I like that this set is only available as a relic or autographed version.  I didn’t like how Topps was just creating inserts where the design was so clearly built for relic swatches.  I’d rather keep those concepts separate – otherwise the non-relic inserts just don’t look very good.

2014 Topps Trajectory Relic Ellsbury




3 responses

4 12 2014

I’ve never seen those Future Stars cards. Kind of weird, kind of cool.

If you are willing to spare that buyback Cowens I’d like to trade for it.

4 12 2014

Another bad thing about the Canseco is that he was already a star by the time that card came out. I realize that Topps has completely bastardized the term future star recently, but in 1987 the Future Stars were September call up guys that were still going to be rookies the next year. Now if Topps had put the Future Star designation on Canseco’s 1986 Topps Traded card then we would have something very nice. Just one man’s opinion.

4 12 2014
Milwaukee Southpaw

Hey, how’s it going chuckneo! I found a few Topps commons you have listed on your want list in my old cards (I think one each from 1994, 1995 and 1998). Send me your address and they are all yours! (I emailed you as well, but I know it’s been quite a while since we last traded so just in case the email address I have is out of date I thought I would leave you a comment too)

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