2014 Topps series 2 hobby box – parallels

2 12 2014

The last post was the base cards from my hobby box – today are the parallels.  There are a big old boat load of parallels this year, which isn’t new.  But there are even more this year than previous years because there are yellow and green ones available via certain retail packaging.  I did a count for series 1, and there were 15 different types.

Red Hot Foil

I only got 6 “red foil” parallel cards – I was surprised these were less plentiful than the Gold parallels.  Looking at the backs of the pack, however – that’s the odds.  These vampire cards come one every 6 packs! I mentioned it with series 1 – but I’m not sure why they didn’t call this with “ruby” to go along with the previous years’ gemstone themes.

2014 Topps s2 Red Hot Foil

Topps Gold (#/2014)

Topps Gold came much more frequently; I actually got 11 of them.  I think this may mean that series 2 was produced in much lower quantities than series 1.  I would guess Topps keeps unnumbered cards like Red Hot Foil at the same odds through all series, so the cards numbered out of 2014 come more frequently in the smaller production run.

Obviously the Abreu is the one I’d be most excited about here.

2014 Topps s2 Gold

Power Players

This is a partial parallel of the set, totaling 220 cards (110 per series).  There is a code on the back that you can get some kind of prize.  I never tried them out this year.

2014 Topps s2 Power Players

Camo (#/99)

Back for its second year are camouflage inserts.  I got one in series 1, and I got one in this box.  I guess it’s of this year’s NL batting champion!

2014 Topps s2 Camo Morneau

Black (#/64)

Topps has had these for as long as I’ve been back in the collecting world.  Unlike series 1 – I did in fact pull a card in this box!  And, just like the Morneau camo – it’s a pretty good player.

2014 s2 Topps Black Ortiz

Pink (#/50)

This box was a cornucopia of parallels – I got a pink card, too!  This wasn’t a recognizable guy.

2014 s2 Topps Pink Joey Terdoslavich

I didn’t pull a Silk (#/10), Clear (#/10), Platinum (#/1), Printing Plate (#/1).  And of course I didn’t get any of the 5 retail-only versions.




One response

4 12 2014

If you have any interest at swapping that Morneau for something, I have a 2013 Museum Collection Johnny Cueto #’d to 199 and a 2008 Heroes Johnny Bench/Ivan Rodriguez emerald #’d to 499. I MIGHT have some base cards from your set as well. Let me know @ hiflewATyahooDOTcom.

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