COMC purchases – Turkey Red & Panini Golden Age

6 04 2014

Next up for my COMC Black Friday purchases are two more “retro” themed sets.  The Turkey Red product Topps came out with in February last year was an “online” exclusive that really blew up because of its scarcity.  I got 6 mini-boxes and am trying to complete the 100-card set.  I picked up 14 cards toward that goal.  I think my cut-off was under a buck for these.  Here’s 6 of my favorites.

2013 Turkey Red COMC

I also got a few inserts from Panini Golden Age – the first version, which is called 2012 but really came out very close to 2013.  I got 3 of the “Newark Evening News” inserts, which were modeled off of an early 19th century minor league set.

2012 Golden Age Newark Evening News COMC

I also got 2 cards from the Batter Up set modeled off that set from the 1930’s.  I’m 2 or 3 cards away from completing this one.

2012 Golden Age Batter Up COMC



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