COMC purchases – Gypsy Queen

5 04 2014

Continuing my posts of purchase from Check out my Cards back on Black Friday (yes – it’s really taken me that long to get to them!).  Today’s post is for Gypsy Queen cards.  I didn’t really need any from 2011, so these purchases all came from the sets from the past two years.


2012 Gypsy COMC insert purchases

I finished the 2012 set a long time ago, so I’m just after the insert sets now.  I finished off both the Hallmark Heroes and the Future Stars insert sets with these purchases – 4 needed for each set.  I also got one of the “fake” Gypsy Kings inserts.  Still 2 more to finish up that set, then I’ll have completed the “master set” for 2012.

2012 Gypsy COMC Griffey

I also try to get an example of each parallel and/or mini.  For 2012, I was pumped Griffey had signed with Topps, so I’m going after Griffey for the minis and framed paper cards.  The mini below is the photo variation that came in the 10-card box topper package.

2012 Gypsy COMC minis

Finally, I got a few mini inserts to throw in my “example” binder as well.  I liked the Mick because the moonshot is for the famous homer he had on May 22, 1963 that bounced off the Yankee Stadium facade.


2013 Gypsy COMC

I still need some of the 2013 set, where the SP cards are littered throughout the set.  I’ got 7 new cards of that, including this Mike Schmidt card that is the same photo as his 1981 Topps card!

2013 Gypsy COMC minis

I also got some “samples” for this set as well.  I’m trying to get Hal Newhouser and Andrew McCutchen mini cards, just because I’ve got both their wood cards (#/5) already and I liked the photos.  Newhouser was a good addition to this set – the only pitcher to win back to back MVP awards!

I also bought one relic of Devin Mesoraco.  I pulled a Mesoraco jumbo relic in the hobby box I opened back in April, so I’ve got the regular version to keep that one company!  The scan didn’t work for that guy, and I’ve already put him back in said binder – so you’ll have to trust me 🙂



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