COMC purchases – 90’s Topps inserts

8 04 2014

Next up for my COMC Black Friday purchases are from some 90’s Topps insert sets.  I’m always trying to knock out a few of these whenever possible.  These are all from 1995 through 1997.  The League Leader gets me closer to that very large 1995 insert set.  That’s going to be a difficult one to finish.

On the other hand, the Finest Kirby Puckett card did finish off that 1995 insert set for me.  And the “At the Break” power booster of Griffey finished that insert set off from 1995 Topps Traded, as well.

COMC 90s Topps inserts


The Helton card is a “power booster” from 1996, and the Mantle Finest cards are from 1997.  Putting some further dents into those sets is always good!



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