A Piedmont completist

29 05 2015

Back in 1911 if you were a baseball card collector, you were probably a tobacco smoker.  And if Piedmont was your cigarette of choice, you could potentially get a card like this.

Piedmont Christy Mathewson

Now this isn’t a post about getting a few cards like that.  This is a post about getting a few cards from a place called Piedmont – which is a region in Italy.  I recently got a few cards from Riccardo, the Italian Completist (though I still owe him my end of the deal).  Riccardo sent me a few cards from the Upper Deck portion of my wantlist – which is a place that I haven’t crossed off in quite a while.  In fact – I looked at my timeline on that page; it had been over 2 years!

Trade - Italian Completist

Riccardo also sent me 2 base Topps cards – I have a feeling 2001 and 2002 are going to be some of the last sets I finish, so this is certainly helpful.

Trade - Italian Completist

Last but not least – he also sent me 4 inserts from last year’s Topps sets.  The Spring Fever is particularly helpful – I figure I’ll have to buy most of those to finish that set off!

Trade - Italian Completist_0001

Thanks again, Riccardo!




One response

30 05 2015
Tony L.

Great cards from il Piemonte!

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