2002 Topps Retro Inserts (1952 Topps)

27 05 2015

After issuing reprints of various superstars, Topps went with a 50 year anniversary theme and did reprints theme honoring players from the World Series from 1952.  This meant Dodgers and Yankees.

As always – odds below are for hobby packs.

1952 Reprints (19 cards, 1:25)

2002 Topps s2 box 52 Reprints

2002 Topps s1 box Hobby Masters Pudge Rodriguez

The reprints are glossy with the 1952 World Series logo stamped on the front of the card.  There is a gold foil border as well.  There are 8 Dodgers and 11 Yankees in the set.  There aren’t Chrome versions inserted in the regular Topps Flagship sets.  However, you can find Chrome and refractor versions in the Topps Chrome product.

1952 World Series Highlights (7 cards, 1:25)

Topps also did an insert set directly commemorating the 1952 series.  The series went down to a 7th game, with the Dodgers winning game 1 and the two teams trading wins through game 6.  Joe Black of the Dodgers made his 3rd start of the series, splitting with Allie Reynolds in his first two starts. But Reynolds had pitched the end of game 6 to preserve a 3-2 lead, and Eddie Lopat was given the start.  Black gave up what would be the game-winning run in the 6th via a Mickey Mantle homer.  Reynolds came on after finishing the game 6 win the day before for his 4th appearance in the series, earning the win after holding the Dodgers scoreless over 3 innings.

2002 Topps s2 box 52 WS Highlight

There were a number of autograph and relic versions of the 1952 reprints.  There was one guy who wasn’t in the regular reprint set but did have an autographed version – Joe Black who started 3 games for Brooklyn.  And aside from that, they made reprints with pieces of seats from Yankee Stadium and Ebbets Field in them – including a few dual-player options.

1952 Reprint Autographs (11 cards, 1:10,268 s1 / 1:7,524 s2)

2002 Topps 52 reprint auto Joe Black

Ebbets Field Seat Relics (9 cards, 1:9,116 s1)

Yankee Stadium Seat Relics (9 cards, 1:579 s2)

2002 Topps Ebbets Field seat Duke Snider

Ebbets Field / Yankee Stadium Dual Seat Relics (2 cards, 1:86,070 s1 / 1:59,511 s2 #/52)

Ebbets Field / Yankee Stadium Seat Relic Autographs (2 cards, 1:15,670 s1 / 1:11,908 s2 – HTA only, #/52)

2002 Topps Ebbets Field Yankee Stadium dual seat auto Rizzuto Pafko




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