Sportlots purchases – February 2013

13 02 2013

Actually, these were probably purchased in late January, but I didn’t get around to opening the packages until recently.  I’ve been through opening 1999 Topps, so I figured I’d take a gander through Sportlots to see if I could continue to knock off some inserts from my wantlist for a good price.  Basically, I found some sellers who either had some 1994 Topps Black Gold cards, or some 1991 Topps Glossy cards for the minimum (18 cents).  Then I’d see what else they had for a good deal and go from there.

The first seller – I got some of those Black Gold cards and some others, including some of the reprint cards from the 1996 to 2000 Topps sets.

Sportlots purchases January 2012

Sportlots purchases January 2012_0001

From the next seller, I got some of those pesky 1991 Glossy All-Star cards.  Getting there on that set, which was the one Glossy set from the mid 80’s to early 90’s that I just never found a complete set available on eBay.

Sportlots purchases January 2012_0002

From the third seller, I got a boatload of insert cards from the mid 1990’s.  And I mean a lot.  Here’s some of the highlights, about half of the total cards from this seller.  I’m always happy to find some good deals on cards from this era – getting them in trades is pretty tough.  I finished one insert out of this purchase – Classic Confrontations from 1996.  Always a good thing!

Sportlots February seller 3 94-95-96

Sportlots February seller 3 97

Sportlots February seller 3 98-99

The next seller had quite a few Black Gold cards from 1994, and some pretty good deals on some more inserts from 1995 through 1999.  So I scooped those up.  Plus a few insert cards from 2010 and 2011.

Sportlots February seller 4 94-99

Sportlots February seller 4 10-11

The fifth seller was the last from this round of purchases.  I got a bunch of 2012 inserts here, and a few from 2010 and 2011 as well.

Sportlots February seller 5 10-11 Sportlots February seller 5 12

All told I spent about 100 bucks, and got about 250 cards.  A few $1-$2 cards that I thought were a fair price skew the average away from the 18 cents to a quarter I was going for, but that was mostly because the sellers had a good deal on those cards.  All told, my wantlist for inserts went down big time through this purchase!




2 responses

14 02 2013

What year are those Lords of the Diamond inserts from? I don’t recall ever seeing those before.

14 02 2013

It’s from 1999 Topps – there is a Chrome version in that product as well as this version in the flagship product.

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