Cards from the Golden Giveaway

11 02 2013

So I’ve opened all I’m going to open for 2013 Topps series 1.  I went to Target yesterday in search of a blaster, but the one near me only had loose packs, hangers and jumbos.  I already opened one each of those, so I’m just calling it a day for that.  I’ve got my wantlist up – and have a little bit to trade, though I’m super busy with work – so sorry for the folks who’ve asked and I haven’t got back to quite yet.

On to today’s post – I had kind of forgotten about these, but then saw a couple of posts where other bloggers were reminding that the Golden Giveaway was coming to an end soon.  I think all told I got 4 code cards in the Golden Giveaway – 2 of which were Jeter and Ripken – and I was able to swap those 4 cards for 3 players I wanted – Rickey, Griffey and Ryan.

2012 Topps Golden Moments Die Cut

These cards are technically called “Golden Moments Die-Cut”, though the #/99 version is the gold version.  The cards are very nice – the die-cut is pretty cool and they are thick as all get out.  I’ve read a few people say they seem more like Bowman inserts, though I think they’re pretty solid.



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12 02 2013
Play at the Plate

Sweet Ryan!

20 02 2017

I got baseball that imgoing to sell for one dollar

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