1988 Topps cello box break

11 03 2011

As mentioned in my last post, I also bought a cello box of 1988 Topps.  This one I purchased from Baseball Card Exchange – the other site where I’ve purchased many of my boxes for this collection.  It was really fun busting 2 boxes of this set – this was my favorite set as a young baseball fan.

I got the Matt Williams RC from this box, so I’d say I got just about every “key card” between the 2 boxes.  If you can call any cards from a $10 or $15 set “key”! 

The box seemed a better deal than the wax box – if anyone out there is thinking about busting any boxes from any 80’s Topps sets, I’d recommend a cello box as your best chance to get a higher portion of the set.  There are far fewer cards that have some kind of defect – the gum didn’t seem to hurt the cards at all, and there is no wax to stain the card either.  Plus, there’s 100-200 more cards in these boxes, depending on the year.

I got ~290 more cards toward the set on top of the wax box I’d opened, so I ended with around 680 cards out of the 792 for the set.  The results would have been even better if it weren’t for the damaged cards in the wax box.

Stats for the box:

24 packs per box * 28 cards per pack = 672 cards

101 doubles

571 of the 792 card set. (72% set completion)

24 “Spring Fever” game cards

Including the wax box:

691 total cards toward the base set, with ~11 damaged singles



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