Fab 5 on ESPN, and attending the Big East semifinals

13 03 2011

First, I’d like to note that ESPN has a documentary for the Fab 5 tonight after the selection show airs and everyone has had the chance to debate the picks.  I’ve noted this in a post or two, but The Fab 5 was what really got me into sports, and I can’t wait to watch it.  The show is produced by Jalen Rose, who has long been my favorite player in any sport.  It airs on ESPN at 9:00 tonight.

Second, on Friday night I cashed in on my birthday present to myself and attended the Big East basketball tourney semifinals in Madison Square Garden.  I had no rooting interest in these games, but for the couple of years I’m going to live in the New York area I promised myself I’d take advantage and go to things like this.  I went for the semis over the final because you get two games and the likelihood of a complete dud is far less – I’d hate to drop a considerable amount of cash and feel I wasted it.  My wife and I went, and we got the opposite of 2 duds.  The first game pitted Syracuse against 9 seed Connecticut, and that was the best game of the 2.  Connecticut felt like the better team the whole game, but except for a brief period midway through the 2nd half, it was close the whole time.  UConn had a 6-point lead with less than 20 seconds, and I still can’t quite figure out how, but Syracuse actually tied the game.  The crowd clearly came for this game – and the Garden was rocking as both teams had a large contingent of fans!  The Huskies pulled away in OT and Kemba Walker was looking to bring the league’s 9th seed to be the first ever conference champion (any league) to do so by winning 5 games in 5 days. He made good on that attempt when he beat Louisville the next night.

The second game was Rick Pitino’s Louisville squad against Notre Dame.  ND had a 14-point lead at the 2nd half, and led by 10 with 9:30 to go.  I honestly didn’t realize it was getting close, and all of a sudden it was a 5-point game.   Louisville turned up the press and hit some 3’s, and this game also went to OT.  Louisville had the momentum and pretty much dominated the overtime period.  This game wasn’t quite as good as the first – it felt like ND let it go more than UL came back – but it was still a great game all the same.  All told, 2 OT games made for a great Friday evening!



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13 03 2011
The Lost Collector

I was there as well routing for my Orange! Glad you enjoyed it.

13 03 2011

It was really awesome – I’ve been to the Garden for a Knicks game and the Big East tourney, both times had a great time!

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