1981 Topps wax box break

9 08 2010

I just finished my second Topps box break. I again bought the 1981 box from BBXC. As far as getting the key cards from this set, I did better than the 1980 wax box. I wish I could have switched how I did with this box with the more expensive 1980 set. Anyways, I got 2 Rickey 2nd year cards – which Beckett says is the most valuable card in the set. This seems weird to me – I think the Dodgers future stars – Fernando/Scioscia RC is the most “historic” card. I pulled that one as well. Other key rookies I got include Kirk Gibson, Harold Baines, Mookie Wilson and Jeff Reardon. I pulled a Rose, and 2 Schmidt cards. The only notable RC I didn’t pull was Tim Raines, and I also didn’t pull a Nolan Ryan, a card of Ozzie Smith, or a George Brett.

I pulled many more doubles in this set, as you’ll see below. Also, the gum stain and wax stain was not as “fixable” as the 1980 set. Basically, almost every pack had the front and back card not salvageable – 2 cards per pack (69 total  though 21 were doubles) were too far damaged. Luckily, no really good cards were among these.

“Statistics” listed below:

36 packs per box * 15 cards per pack = 540 cards

81 doubles, 5 triples, 1 quad

453 of the 726 card set (62.4% set completion)

36 “Hit-to-Win” Scratch-offs

After backing out the 48 cards that are ruined, I really only have about 56% of the set after opening this box. From that aspect, I actually did much worse than the 1980 set. Some of that was that my overall 1980 collation was surprisingly good –  I don’t think this is worse than what I’d expected.

My next step is to open a vending box for this set, which I ordered from eBay along with a 1982 vending box in an auction I won. I’ll post that when I open it, then post some pics.



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