The National

8 08 2010

I made the 3.5 hour drive down from Jersey to the National yesterday in Baltimore. It was really cool, though I didn’t get to walk around quite as much as I really would have liked. I got autographs of Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken, $150 and $90 a pop. Both are HOFers with Baltimore on their cap, and were thus immensely popular. They called you up by ticket #, so I didn’t have to completely wait in line, but I had to keep coming back and checking. You got to take a picture with Ripken, so it took really long. I almost missed Murray because I didn’t check quite enough.

Former Red (and National as the locals will remember) Dmitri Young was also there as a dealer; he collects PSA 10 rookie cards. For 20 bucks that was donated to Livestrong charity, I got his auto on an 8×11 and had a 5 minute chat about the Reds. He seemed like a really great guy, and it’s neat to know that he also collects cards.

Anyways, so I didn’t get as much of an opportunity to walk around as much as I wanted. I did, however, purchase the following:

  • 1981 Topps Traded set – I decided I’m going to collect these as I go
  • a box of 1982 Topps (both the above were from the BBXC, who had a booth there – so I saved on shipping!)
  • a 1986 Topps box
  • a couple of other set fillers from commons boxes (not Topps)

So I’m now have bought all the boxes I need through ’82. Need to get to updating!

Also, I’m going back and making some minor updates to the 1980 season post. Since I use this blog primarily to look back on what I’ve done – I’ve got some things I want to note.




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5 09 2010

Went to the National in Anaheim a few years back. It was great.


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