2001 Topps Brian Meadows and… 2001 Topps Brian Meadows

11 02 2020

I’m working on the 2001 Topps set recap since I just finished the base set.  And it takes a lot of work, more than I remembered (man, I used to have way more free time).  Anyways, I came across this.

2001 Topps Brian Meadows

And also this.

2001 Topps… Brian Meadows?


Now, you may think those are the same card.  But, you my friend, would be mistaken…

See, when trying to figure out how much the set represents the 2000 season as far as number and percentage of players, I have to check for guys who have a card in series 1 and 2.  Well, Brian Meadows has one, and he’s got the same picture on both cards.  I’m sure this has been written about somewhere, but I couldn’t find anything in a quick google search.  Topps could have used a little help in the QC back in 2001!




5 responses

12 02 2020
Brett Alan

They actually are NOT the same picture, although they’re very similar. His mouth is more open and the ball is in a different position in his hand in the first than in the second.

Which maybe just makes it more weird. I can’t imagine that if I had two of those cards I’d notice they weren’t the same.

9 07 2020
Jeff Olney

I have both these cards. Yes, they are definitely different pictures. The easiest way for me to tell is how his jersey overhangs is belt. You can see much more belt in the first pic.
Here’s the interesting part. The two pictures were obviously taken on the same day, because most of the spectator “blobs” line up perfectly. (If you look at the red spectator blob below is glove, you can see a new person is now sitting in front of the red blob.) I even think the two pics were taken during the same half inning, because the shadows on the uniform are identical.

12 02 2020
P-town Tom

I didn’t notice what Brett saw, but I did see they were cropped differently and the 50 year stamp was in a different location. Wow. Quality Control.

12 02 2020

Ha, good call. Either way it’s very weird that he even has two cards in this set.

19 04 2020
Completed set – 2001 Topps | Lifetime Topps project

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