2013 Topps update HTA Jumbo box – the hits

4 11 2013

Wrapping up my 2013 Topps Update 1 HTA jumbo box.  This post is – as they say – just the hits!

I’ll show the manufactured patch first.  I got a Hall-of-Fame all-time great – Ted Williams.  There are three of these out there, either honoring a league leader (in the case of the card I got), winning a pennant, or holding an all-time record.  I’d probably like the record one the best – but I’ll take a card of Teddy Ballgame!

2013 Topps Update HTA jumbo box Ted Williams batting pin

Next up is the regular relic.  I’m excellent at pulling Madison Bumgarner relics – I’ve pulled at least 2 others in the past.  These are all-star game cut-ups, and I’ll give Topps credit for these – they are specific on the back as to where it came from!  This was his warm-up jersey from the 2013 all-star game.  I didn’t realize Bumgarner was an All-Star this year.  The skeptic in me looked it up, and he was in fact on the roster, though he didn’t get into the game.

2013 Topps Update HTA jumbo box Bumgarner relic

And that leads me to my last “hit”.  This is the auto.  Brock Holt, nothing too exciting.  This card shows him with the Red Sox, but actually talks about a game he played with the Pirates in 2012.  Kind of weird.

2013 Topps Update HTA jumbo box Brock Holt auto



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