Gint-A-Cuffs IV: 2012 Allen & Ginter Packs 13-16

30 07 2012

Back to Gint-A-Cuffs.  I passed the halfway point with a running total of 96 points.  That includes the box topper, though, and I’ve already gotten two hits, so I’m probably looking at lower than the current pace I’m on (187 points).  We’ll have to see.

Pack 13

#37 – James McDonald.

#27 – Ricky Nolasco.

#114 – Johan Santana.

#187 – John Axford.

#248 – Jed Lowrie.

#169 – Mark Teixeira. (-1 for being a damn Yankee).

#204 mini – Adam Dunn. (+2 for A&G back mini).  If Adam Dunn was my favorite player, I’d be doing really well in this box.  I got a regular card, a regular mini and an A&G mini.  Too bad he’s one of my least favorite players.

#WIN58 – Rickey Nelson Henley Henderson (+2 for What’s in a Name).  Aside from Griffey and maybe Eric Davis, Rickey is my favorite player of all-time.  Glad to pull him here.  Also, it was fun, because my wife opened this pack and enjoyed reading the back.  She was a trooper and went to Rickey’s Hall of Fame induction with me a few years back.

I didn’t pull his base card in this box, though – which I’ve seen on some other blogs.  If you’ve seen it – that is a really nice card.

Pack total: 3 points

Running total: 99 points

Pack 14

#274 – Derek Jeter (-1 for another Yankee).

#144 – Joe Benson.

#63 – Zach Britton.

#95 – Felix Hernandez.

#AGR-EA – Elvis Andrus (+10 for framed mini relic).  I’m on an Elvis Andrus hot streak.  I got an auto of him in the Gold Rush pack a few weeks back, and now a Ginter relic!

#30 mini – Carlos Zambrano (+2 for A&G back mini).

#WIN73 – Ryan Wallace Zimmerman (+2 for What’s in a Name).

Pack total: 13 points

Running total: 112 points.  An excellent pack.

Pack 15

#106 – Bud Norris.

#30 – Carlos Zambrano.

#204 – Adam Dunn.  There’s that 3rd Dunn card of the box.

#18 – Kevin Youkilis.

#57 – Michael Pineda (-1 for being a Yankee).  I feel like this shouldn’t count.  He hasn’t even played a single game for the Bronx Bombers.

#WTB6 – Empire State Building (+3 for World’s Tallest Buildings).

#75 mini – Erin Andrews (+3 for Black Bordered mini).  I may try to complete the Erin Andrews rainbow!

#311 – Bob Gibson (+2 for SP).

Pack total: 7 points.

Running total: 119 points.  Another nice pack.

Pack 16

#20 – Miguel Montero.

#160 – Shane Victorino.

#21 – Matt Moore.  I like this card.  Not enough to scan it despite no Gint-a-Cuffs points.  But I like this points.

#296 – Mark Trumbo.  This dude hits the ball FAR.

#196 – Lou Gehrig (-1 for Yankee).

#BH6 – Frank Thomas (+3 for Baseball Highlight Sketch).

#MBF20 mini – Shetland Sheepdog. (+3 for Man’s Best Friend mini).  I can’t wait to get the dachshund one of these.

#301 – Adron Chambers (+2 for SP).

Pack total: 7 points

Running total: 126 points.

New Pace: 185 points.

Hopefully the last 8 packs will get me into a good place!!!  Unlikely – I was over 200 points last year, and with all the hits gone, it’s not likely this year.  It still makes opening the box a lot of fun, though!

MVP of the post: Elvis Andrus.  Can’t beat a relic.




4 responses

30 07 2012
The Ginter Godfather

Wowzahs, you started off blistering hot with all of those Murder in Willow Coves. Glad to see my boy Joey Mauer got you a few points several packs back. I’m going at a snail’s pace in my own box… though I’ve got 12 packs to go and 2 hits floating out there.

I hear you on the Adam Dunn-esque movement… if I had picked David Freese I’d be rolling in the points. Same with Ichiro. What the heck.

31 07 2012

I’d still never pick Dunn, not even when he was with the Redlegs!

31 07 2012
Play at the Plate

I’d be happy to pull an Andrus in my box.

31 07 2012

I can set it aside if you want to trade 🙂

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