1992 Topps parallel sets

22 11 2011

While Topps had previously issued a “Tiffany” set, which was a glossy, white cardstock parallel version of the base set, in 1992 Topps began using white cardstock for the base set, so a Tiffany set would have been less relevant – and thus the set was discontinued.

Topps had what was a novel idea at the time – but a concept that became (all too) common soon thereafter.  1992 was the first time Topps – or any manufacturer – included what we think of today as parallel sets in its product.  Topps inserted Topps Gold parallel cards, which had the player and team name at the printed in gold foil, 1 per box into its 1992 product.

Gold – 792 cards (1:36)

Topps had some company with this idea in 1992 – a “Black Gold” parallel was issued at a much more common 1 per pack in Leaf’s 1992 card set. Topps also included 10 of the Gold cards into each regular factory set, and produced 12,000 factory sets of the Gold cards.  The Gold factory sets had an extra card – #793, which was an autographed card with a new photo of #1 pick Brien Taylor (who was also featured as card #6 of the base set).  This is the first insert of an autographed card into any Topps product. I bought one of these on eBay for a little more than 5 bucks:

Topps Traded also had a Gold version issued as a factory set only.  The set was numbered to 6,000 copies.

A 10-pack of Topps Gold Winners set was available by playing and winning the Topps Match-the-Stats game.  The prize was originally supposed to be Topps Gold cards, but the game was compromised through some savvy use of a dark room and a flashlight (see here for the explanation).  Topps honored the request, but added a “winner” stamp to the Gold foil for cards received as a prize for the game.  I somehow have a few Gold Winner cards from way back in the day – Jim Thome was the most notable of these.

The 6 checklists were replaced with players who weren’t part of the base set for both Topps Gold and the Gold Winners parallels.  Topps replaced the Traded checklist with Kerry Woodson in the Traded Gold set.

  • 131 – Terry Mathews
  • 264 – Rod Beck
  • 366 – Tony Perezchica
  • 527 – Terry McDaniel
  • 658 – John Ramos
  • 787 – Brian Williams
  • 132T – Kerry Woodson

Topps also produced a “micro” set for the second of 3 years.  These mini-cards were produced in factory set form, measuring 1″ x 1-3/8″.  I bought Reds team sets for all 3 years of micro parallels on eBay a little while back.




2 responses

23 11 2011

1992 is one of my favorite sets. I still remember the first time I pulled a topps gold card from a pack (I didn’t even know they existed until that moment). I felt like I had pulled an actual gold bar from that pack!!….even if the card was just Indians manager Mike Hargrove….

I didn’t know they made a gold Traded set too! I’ve had the 1992 Gold Factory set on my wish list for a long time, guess I’ll have to add the Traded set too. 🙂

23 11 2011

Funny how things have changed…

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