1986 Topps Glossy Sets

2 02 2011

As they’d done the past 3 years, Topps issued 2 Glossy All-Star sets in conjunction with its base set in 1986.

The 22-card set commemorating the 1985 All-Star game was inserted 1 per rack pack and contained the manager, the 9 starters, and a card with the team picture for each league, which was different than the previous years when they’d had a card for the Honorary Captains. (Harmon Killebrew & Sandy Koufax were the “snubs” for this year’s card set).

10 Hall of Famers:     S. Anderson, E. Murray, G. Brett, C. Ripken, J. Rice, R. Henderson, D. Winfield, C. Fisk, D. Williams, O. Smith, T. Gwynn (down from 12 from the year before – which can be directly attributed to removing the honorary captains)

Sparky, managing the team as the defending AL/WS champ manager, is the lone Big Red Machine representative. Pete Rose is the lone Big Red Machiner in the send-in set.

The send-in set increased from 40-cards to 60-cards, and it was now called “All-Stars and Hot Prospects”. This time collectors could obtain it in 6 different 10-card portions by sending in 6 of the “Spring Fever Baseball Game” cards that came 1 per wax pack. The players were generally either previous years’ All-Stars and up-and-coming prospects who’d had break out 1985 campaigns.

18 Hall of Famers:     R. Jackson, R. Henderson, C. Ripken, R. Carew, M. Schmidt, G. Brett, T. Seaver, G. Carter, W. Boggs, C. Fisk, E. Murray, R. Sandberg, J. Rice, D. Winfield, N. Ryan, O. Smith, R. Gossage, T. Gwynn (up from 12 in ’85)

Finally, this set also has a Hall of Famer from a different sport. Yes, if you thought MJ’s stint with the Birmingham Barons in 1994 was his first try at baseball – well, take a look. Apparently, the years he was torching the NBA for 37 points a game, he was also doubling as San Francisco Giants outfielder under the alias of Chris Brown.

Johnny Kilroy

I bought a bunch of these sets (this and future years) on eBay. The rack pack insert set was part of a 4-set lot that I paid around $12 total for. So pretty good deal. The ’86 Send-In set I found on a random website, and paid $2.5o (good deal) plus $6.00 S&H (total rip). I didn’t even realize that was the shipping until I had already clicked purchase and was going into paypal. Oh well, I wanted to get each of these sets, and wanted to check this one off my list now and not later. As in previous years, the send-in sets tend to be in worse condition – the way the cards were cut tends to be pretty poor, leaving some of the sides looking like it good give you a hell of a paper cut.




3 responses

2 02 2011

I love the rack pack glossies. I have the set from 1984 I think…and a few random cards from other years.

2 02 2011

Yeah, their great, even though they look exactly the same every year. The next year they start doing the rookies glossy in the jumbo packs.

3 02 2011

I’ve got a few of the Rookies, but not as many as the All-Stars.

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