Updating for 2022 & 2023 – Hall of Famers in Topps Traded

1 02 2023

Topps Traded is a quicker post than the two I did over the past week of so – I’ve got to update for all the new inductees in 2022 and 2023.

There were 9 players inducted over the past 2 years.  7 via what used to be called the Veterans’ Committee, and 2 via the BBWAA.

The 6 Eras Committee HOFers from 2022 don’t have any cards in 1980-2004 Topps Traded/Update.  Buck O’Neill, Bud Fowler, Tony Oliva, Minnie Minoso and Gil Hodges don’t have any Topps Traded cards given the time in which they played.  Jim Kaat actually has a 1976 Topps Traded card, but that’s before my project.

The other 3 new Hall of Famers were all part of trades that directly contributed to their new teams winning the World Series!

David Ortiz – last year’s Writers’ electee – is in 2003 Topps Traded for the league-altering traded from Minnesota to the Red Sox.  He wound up winning 3 titles with the Sox – earning an ALCS MVP and a WS MVP in the process.  He was in some later Update sets too, but I haven’t got to those years yet.

Fred McGriff – this year’s Committee selection – has a ton of Topps Traded cards.  6 in fact!

  • His first Topps card was in the 1987 Topps Traded set – he played a few games in 1986, but didn’t get a Topps card until Topps Traded when he passed the rookie marks.
  • He was in 1991 Topps Traded when he was traded from Toronto to San Diego along with Tony Fernandez for Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter.  2 Hall of Famers, and 2 very good players!  This helped the team he left to a World Series title.
  • He was in 1993 Topps Traded when he was traded from San Diego to the Braves for prospects.  This time – it worked out best for the team that picked him up, as McGriff was a perennial All-Star with the Braves and he was stellar in their 3 playoff series en route to that lone 1995 title from the era.
  • In 1995 Topps Traded, McGriff was in the All-Star subest with Frank Thomas
  • He was in 2001 Topps Traded set, which celebrated 50 years of Topps with a reprint subset – the Crime Dog’s card was a reprint of his 1987 card.
  • Finally, he was in the 2003 Traded set when he signed with the Dodgers for one season (which unfortunately – probably kept him from reaching 500 homers and making the Hall much earlier)

Scott Rolen, this year’s BBWAA electee, has a 2002 Topps Traded card.  In the middle of the 2002 season, the Phillies dealt him to the Cardinals, and he was included in the 2002 Traded set.  Rolen was a stalwart for the Cardinals for 6 years and for my money, should have been the 2006 WS MVP over David Ecstein.

Asterisks are where one of these guys were added:

1981 Topps Traded – 10 HOF

Bert Blyleven, Rollie Fingers, Carlton Fisk, Joe Morgan, Gaylord Perry, Bruce Sutter, Don Sutton, Dave Winfield, Tim Raines, Ted Simmons

1982 Topps Traded – 5 HOF

Reggie Jackson, Ferguson Jenkins, Perry, Cal Ripken, Ozzie Smith

1983 Topps Traded – 3 HOF

Morgan, Tony Perez, Tom Seaver

1984 Topps Traded – 7 HOF

Dennis Eckersley, Goose Gossage, Morgan, Phil Niekro, Perez, Seaver, Yogi Berra (mgr)

1985 Topps Traded – 5 HOF

Gary Carter, Rickey Henderson, Sutter, Sutton, Earl Weaver (mgr)

1986 Topps Traded – 4 HOF

Niekro, Seaver, Simmons, Dick Williams (mgr)

1987 Topps Traded – 6 HOF***

Steve Carlton, Andre Dawson, Eckersley, R. Jackson, Greg Maddux, Fred McGriff

1988 Topps Traded – 4 HOF

Roberto Alomar, Gossage, Lee Smith, Frank Robinson (mgr)

1989 Topps Traded – 6 HOF

Blyleven, Ken Griffey Jr., Henderson, Randy Johnson, Eddie Murray, Nolan Ryan

1990 Topps Traded – 5 HOF

Carter, L. Smith, Winfield, Red Schoendienst (mgr), Bobby Cox (mgr)

1991 Topps Traded – 7 HOF****

Alomar, Jeff Bagwell, Carter, McGriff, Jack Morris, Raines, Ivan Rodriguez,

1992 Topps Traded – 4 HOF

Carter, Morris, Murray, Winfield

1993 Topps Traded – 6 HOF****

Wade Boggs, Dawson, McGriff, Paul Molitor, Mike Piazza, Winfield

1994 Topps Traded – 6 HOF

Henderson, Pedro Martinez, Morris, Murray, Ryne Sandberg, L. Smith

1995 Topps Traded – 18 HOF*****

Andre Dawson, Mariano Rivera, L. Smith, Larry Walker, Boggs (subset), Tony Gwynn (subset), McGriff (subset), Kirby Puckett (subset), Ripken (subset), Frank Thomas (subset), O. Smith (subset), Johnson (subset), Craig Biggio (subset), Griffey Jr. (subset), Piazza (subset), Bagwell (subset), Rodriguez (subset), Chipper Jones (subset)

1999 Topps Traded – 0 HOF

2000 Topps Traded – 0 HOF

2001 Topps Traded – 20 HOF****

Henderson, Alomar, Carter, Eckersley, Fisk, Griffey Jr., R. Jackson, Juan Marichal, Maddux, McGriff, Morgan, Morris, Piazza, Raines, Ripken, Ryan, Seaver, O. Smith, L. Smith, Winfield (other than Rickey – the rest are from the reprint subset)

2002 Topps Traded – 9 HOF****

Henderson, Raines, Scott Rolen, Frank Robinson (mgr), Ryan (subset), R. Jackson (subset), Boggs (subset), Alomar (subset), Griffey Jr. (subset)

2003 Topps Traded – 6 HOF****

Alomar, Henderson, McGriff, David Ortiz, Ivan Rodriguez, Jim Thome

2004 Topps Traded – 2 HOF

Maddux, Walker




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