Albert Pujols – 3,000 hits

7 01 2020

Updating some previous posts I used to do – Albert Pujols got to 3,000 hits during the time I haven’t been posting.

#32 – Adrian Beltre – May 4, 2018.  Single off Mike Leake, Seattle Mariners.  Safeco Field, Seattle, WA.  (3,202 as of today)

There’s a few posts I’ve always done since I started this blog in 2010 – and in 2020 it seems like I should catch up on those!  Updating the 3,000 hit club is one option.  Early in the 2018 season, Albert Pujols stamped his place into that club as the 32nd member, less than a year after Adrian Beltre had done so.  He got it off one of my secret favorite players – Mike Leake.  This was just another milestone for Prince Albert; by then he had already passed the 600 home run mark and was about a year away from notching his 2,000th RBI.  He’s in some elite territory there, with just Hank Aaron and A-Rod.

Next up on this list is likely Miguel Cabrera, who isn’t necessarily a lock, but I’d be surprised if he didn’t eclipse 3,000 hits.  Robbie Cano has a chance at getting there if he bounces back, but still has over 400 hits to go and at the pace he’s been on that would take 5 seasons for a guy who is 37 years old.

In other words, I think this list may have a 2021 addition and then nobody for a while.



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