Opening 2018 with a trade post

2 01 2018

OK, so I don’t really blog any more.  The biggest factor is having two young mobile kids.  That, and different interests.  But I hope to pick it back up at least partially in 2018.  Maybe blog once a week or so.  We’ll see!  The 2-year old is down and (hopefully) sleeping, so that’s promising.  Anyways, an easy way to start back up is with a trade post.  For a couple of trades, actually.

First up, Brian from Highly Subjective reached out to me in the Fall and we both agreed to send some cards from the “junk wax era”.  Specifically 1994-1995 which was the second era of my childhood collecting phase.  He posted a bunch of them here.  I remember it took me some time to filter through a ton of doubles from back in the day, but it was fun – companies used to have so much better photos on the cards!

Brian sent over some cards from my wantlist.  Here’s the two that I didn’t file away yet.

But he also sent over two really cool Reds cards, the John Franco is especially neat.  To me, he’ll always be the Reds closer.  And I mean that in two ways.  First, he’s our guy not the Mets closer.  Second, he’s the first guy I think of when you say “Reds closer”, not Danny Graves or Aroldis Chapman.  Even the Nasty Boys come in second because they were more of a committee.  A quick check on Baseball-Reference shows that he’s third behind Graves and Francisco Cordero.  And he did have quite a bit more saves with the Mets.  So maybe my logic is flawed, but the 8-year old me isn’t convinced.

I also sent some cards to Greg from Night Owl Cards, who I think is the only card blog that started before mine and has continually posted the entire life of my blog.

I sent the cards to Greg because I had been going through some older cards and knew I’d have some for him.  I wasn’t expecting anything back, but Greg did sent me some cards.  First, he sent me quite a few mascot cards.  I think I have posted somewhere on my blog that I like and/or sort of collect mascot cards.  This is true, but it’s actually a become a pursuit of my 5-year old, who is a growing baseball enthusiast.  And, with the nudge of his dad, a growing baseball card enthusiast.  We’ve bought boxes of 2017 and 2016 Topps Opening Day recently, and the mascot cards are easily his favorite.

He also sent me some legit cards from my wantlist.  Which means I have some checking to do!

That’s for another night though.  Alas, the 2-year old is complaining that his blanket isn’t covering him.



One response

2 01 2018

Danny Graves is the Reds’ all-time saves’ leader?? Wow. That’s how much I was paying attention to baseball in the early 2000s.

Glad your kid gets a kick out of the mascot cards. Now tell him to leave you alone so you can blog.

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