Adrian Beltre – 3,000 hits

3 08 2017

#31 – Adrian Beltre – August 30, 2017.  Double off Wade Miley, Baltimore Orioles.  Globe Life Park, Arlington, TX.  (3,001 as of today)

I haven’t posted in a long time – I didn’t post at all in June or July – and I don’t think I’m gonna jump back on the bandwagon right at the moment.  But there’s a few posts I’ve always done since I started this blog in 2010 – and the subject for them all seem to be coming up at once!  One thing I liked doing is updating the 3,000 hit club.  On Sunday, Adrian Beltre stamped his place into that club.  This was the same day as the Hall of Fame induction.  That’s fitting, because this is a milestone will help ensure the writers give Beltre his proper due.  It’s a pretty good bet they induct him into the Hall 5 years after he decides to hang up his cleats.

One thing I found interesting – Beltre has seemed like a guy who was a lock to get to 3,000 for about 3 or 4 years.  But he only has one season with 200 hits, and one season leading his league in hits (and those weren’t the same seasons).  So that made me want to do some research!  Rafael Palmeiro also had one 200-hit season and one league-leading season – but not the same year.

200 Hit seasons – 3,000 hit club

  • 10 – Ichiro, Rose
  • 9 – Cobb
  • 8 – Waner, Jeter
  • 7 – Boggs
  • 6 – Musial
  • 5 – Gwynn
  • 4 – Clemente, Brock, Carew, Lajoie, Molitor, Speaker
  • 3 – Rodriguez, Aaron
  • 2 – Brett, Ripken, Yastrzemski, Wagner
  • 1 – Beltre, Kaline, Palmeiro, Biggio, Yount, Mays, Collins, Anson
  • 0 – Henderson, Winfield, Murray

Leading the league in Hits – 3,000 hit club

  • 8 – Cobb
  • 7 – Ichiro, Rose
  • 6 – Musial
  • 5 – Gwynn
  • 4 – Lajoie
  • 3 – Carew, Brett, Molitor
  • 2 – Clemente, Waner, Wagner, Jeter, Speaker, Aaron
  • 1 – Beltre, Kaline, Boggs, Palmeiro, Henderson, Rodriguez, Yount, Ripken, Mays, Anson
  • 0 – Brock, Biggio, Winfield, Murray, Collins, Yastrzemski

Interesting facts:

Dave Winfield and Eddie Murray both never had a 200-hit season and never led their respective league.  Murray actually never had over 190 hits, while Winfield only cracked that barrier once.

Tony Gwynn had over 200 hits 5 times, he led the league all 5 of those seasons, and he never led the league any other year.  Nap Lajoie had the same distinction with his 4 league leading / 200 hit seasons.




2 responses

3 08 2017

What amazed me was that he is only 10 hits behind Wade Boggs, who had a string of 7 consecutive 200 hit seasons.

4 08 2017

Yeah – Boggs only played 18 years, and he always drew a ton of walks. Even when he played 150+ games in the 1980’s and was regularly batting over .350, he walked so much that it kept him from having many seasons well above 200 hits. And in the second half of his career, he played alot fewer games.

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