2016 Topps Update – the stats

24 03 2017

I wasn’t able to post this earlier, but tonight I got through the “organization” part of my 2016 Topps Update box.  The main story to me is – since Topps moved the Update set down to 300 cards, I finished the whole set with one box!

Stats for the box:

36 packs per box * 10 cards per pack + 1 extra card (somehow) = 360 cards

21 doubles

300 of the 300 card set. (100% set completion)

6 First Pitch

6 3,000 Hit Club

4 Fire

4 Chasing 3K

5 Team Franklin

1 All-Star Stitches



2 responses

25 03 2017
P-town Tom

To me, that’s the most fun way to build a set. Buy one box and complete it, but still have the excitement of opening packs and finding a hit or two. Congrats on the completion!

25 03 2017
Matthew J. Prigge

Hi there. I’ve got some 2016 inserts and a few other stray cards from your wantlists. Contact me and I’ll send them along. Just get starting in blogging/trading – I’ve got some wantlists up, send me what you can when you can.

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