Trade with Baseball Every Night

13 02 2017

Peter from Baseball Every Night reached out to me last month to send some cards my way.  I don’t trade anywhere near as much as I used to, but it’s always a good thing when I knock off some wantlist cards without spending some coin.  Peter collects John Kruk and Darryl Strawberry – so, Peter, look for some Kruk/Strawberry cards coming your way!

He sent me a few cards.  The best is this one.  I’m going after one card with as many parallels each Topps year, and in 2016 that was Addison Russell.  I have a ton of rarer Addison Russell 2016 Topps cards, but I didn’t have the Topps Gold card yet and this is a good pick up.


Peter also sent me some other cards from 2016 Topps.



Anyways, thanks for the trade Peter – your end is in the mail today!



One response

13 02 2017
Peter K Steinberg (@pksteinberg)

I’m so glad that the cards arrived and look very forward to the return package! –Peter

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