Updating where I’m at with the Lifetime Topps Project

12 02 2017

I’m gonna take a little bit before my next post, so I just figured taking an inventory of where I’m at was worthwhile in the meantime.  It’s been over a year since I last opened the “next” Topps box for this project.  That was Topps 2004.  I have the 2005 Topps boxes, so it’s a matter of getting to it.

The main thing I realized is that I just got fully caught up with 2016.  My last post was “2016 Card of the Year”, and every card on my desk (for this project or not) was purchased in 2017.  There’s something neat to be said about that.  This is like my line-in-the-sand-post with 2016 on one side and 2017 on the other side.  Even though the post is in February.  Yeh, kind of confusing, but, oh well – things take me more time these days!

I caught up on so many things over the past year – I’m basically all caught up on completed set / insert set posts.  That was a big thing for me.  It also kind of caused me to get off track with the main point of this blog.  I think the rest of February will be 2016 Topps Update and 2017 Topps series 1.  After that – back to 2004!

In the meantime, here’s where I am on the Topps project through the end of 2016:

1980-1994 Topps: fully complete

1995-1996 Topps: base set complete, some inserts to go

1997 Topps: fully complete

1998-2000 Topps: base set complete, some inserts to go

2001-2004 – still need to finish the base, Traded and plenty inserts



2 responses

12 02 2017
Dave Patera

I’m doing something similar, except I’m not nearly as focused. I’m slowly working on all Topps sets ever. Right now, I’m just trying to make sure all my lists are current, after years of adding.

12 02 2017

Haha, I wouldn’t call myself particularly focused. Three years ago I was! Now it’s harder goings in that department. Good luck with your project!

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