2016 Card of the Year!!!

7 02 2017

That card below is not my choice for card of the 2016 year.

It’s relevant to the discussion, however.



The card above was a “Thank You” card that was sent over the holidays to anybody who bought a Topps Now card in its debut season of 2016.  I appreciate the card.  It features the Cubs winning the World Series, the 2 most notable retiring players, and Ichiro who passed a number of milestones in 2017.

Topps Now was a big deal.  I know some people probably don’t like it.  You could lament that it is the opposite of set collection.  You could say it’s too expensive at $10 a card.  You could say, even thought it’s a good concept, it goes over the boundary of “too much” (I think the total was somewhere around 3 cards per day).

But this is where cards are going, and it’s cool as hell.  Something happens today.  Tomorrow I can order a card that features that event.  If I go to a Cubs game and Addison Russell hits a game winning home run?  Odds are I can get the card tomorrow.  Season Highlights or Record Breakers were always my favorite cards in the Topps sets of my youth – this is those cards on steroids!

Merge that with the biggest baseball story in recent memory.  The Cubs won the World Series.  I long ago gave up the battle for Reds’ supremacy in my household – so I broke down and got a 5-pack of this card:


One for me, a few for my kids.  To me, this is the perfect card that merges a great (but long-overdue) innovation from Topps with the biggest story of the baseball century.  Bryant to Rizzo – something Cubs fans will remember for the next 108 years.

This joins other past winners on this blog:

2015: Topps Update All-Star Stitches – Todd Frazier

2015 Topps Update All-Star Stitch Auto Frazier

2014: Stadium Club – David Ortiz

2014 Stadium Club Ortiz

2013: Topps Heritage Real One Autograph – Stan Musial

2013 Heritage Real One Musial

2012: Gypsy Queen Autograph – Ken Griffey, Jr.

Griffey Jr Gypsy

2011: Topps – Jay Bruce

11T Bruce



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