Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #76 – Pipeworks Goat Collector

21 01 2017

Almost 6 years later – this is post #1700 for me.  I used to do something sepcial for these posts, but now only do it every 500 or so.  But I try to point them out if I remember!

Living in Chicago, there was a bunch of celebration surrounding the first win in 100 years.  There were a lot of beers made in that celebration.  Pipeworks, the relatively young craft brewery that has become incredibly popular around these part, joined in.



Brewery:  Pipeworks Brewing Co. in Chicago, IL

pipeworks-goat-collector-bottleBeer:  Goat Collector

Description:  “Goat collector doppelbock is getting brewed this Saturday!  We’re taking tomorrow off to go to the Cubs parade!!”  This beer is quite different from the standard beer I’ll do for one of these baseball + beer posts.  It’s a doppelbock, which is a double version of a bock beer.  Which means it’s malty and dark, not hoppy whatsoever.

It’s not a beer you drink at a baseball game.  But it is a beer you can drink in revelry after 108 years of no titles!

I had it; it’s a very nice doppel.  Was a good beer I shared with my wife over dinner.

Medium:  This beer was available in 22-ounce “bombers” throughout Chicago.  You could also find in on tap at certain locations.  I got the bomber.

How it’s related to baseball:  It’s a beer brewed in honor of the Cubs winning the World Series.  And breaking the curse of the billy-goat.  It has goat skulls on the label.




One response

22 01 2017
P-town Tom

Wow, another nice sounding beer that I missed out on because I don’t live in Chicagoland. I love me a good doppelbock, too!

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