Pearl Jam Fenway pack (2016)

17 01 2017

I did a couple other fun purchases last year that I’ve been meaning to post about.  This one is a pack of cards from a Pearl Jam concert.  Pearl Jam has done concerts at Wrigley Field a few times – Eddie Vedder is an unabashed Cubs fan who penned the theme for the Cubs hope before they went “All the Way” in 2016.

They passed out cards in 2013 at the first concert back to Wrigley, and in 2016 Pearl Jam played in Fenway Park as well.  They did a similar set there.  The concert had 2 dates – August 5th & 7th.


I bought a pack of the Fenway cards on eBay a little after the concert.  Each pack has 10 cards that are done in the design of 1991 Topps.



In addition to those 10 cards, you get a sticker that resembles an old school tobacco card:


There are 60 card in the regular set, and they form a puzzle on the back.  There are 6 stickers, and then there’s a card of Rob Skinner that has a photo of the full puzzle on the back.

Unlike Chicago, Boston isn’t home for any of the band members – so they’re just doing this as baseball fans who happen to be rock stars.  I bought the full Wrigley set tonight when I found a good deal on it.  Haven’t been able to do so for Boston, but I’ll post about the Wrigley set when I get it and hopefully I can complete the Boston set at some point.




3 responses

17 01 2017
Tony Burbs

Love this set – I wish more rock bands would do promotional items like this. Looking forward to seeing the Wrigley edition!

17 01 2017
P-town Tom

I agree. Can’t wait to see the Wrigley version!

25 04 2017
Pearl Jam 1991 Topps Style – Wrigley Field | Lifetime Topps project

[…] posted a while ago about a pack of cards that were handed out for Pearl Jam’s concert in Fenway Park.  I bought the whole set for […]

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