S’more cards from Addiction as Therapy!

14 01 2017

I think the way this thing will work out – I’ll do a bunch of posts in January, then go back to posting 2-3 times a week.  And those posts in January will reflect cards I got in 2016.  So for me, I’m blogging about a month behind real-time.  That actually isn’t too bad, and it works for me!

Adam from Addiction as Therapy sent me some cards toward the end of December.  I opened his package on January 7th and got around to posting it today, January 14th.  During the time I was opening these cards, Connor Cook looked really bad as the Raiders QB and then Detroit and Seattle were at something of a standstill.

Anyways, here’s some of the cards!

First up, he sent me a Fan Favorite Auto of Vern Law – that’s the biggest card of this haul.  What a cool signature for a guy who is 86 years old and one year shy of playing in the 1940’s.  Thanks Adam!


Also, here’s a Bull Durham card I need.  I re-watched this movie, pretty much because of this card set.  And this gets me a bit closer to finishing!


After that, he sent me a few more Archives inserts.  These might be my 2 favorite Father-Son insert cards.  Griffey because, yeah, Junior is my favorite player, and the Gordon’s are pretty cool since you’ve got a pitcher and a speedster.


Adam also sent me a few cards from the retro inserts of the ’69 Super cards.  Glad to get these 3, and Edwin Encarnacion, out of the way!


OK, so there’s some more Archives cards!  Here are some base cards.


Anyways, thanks for sending, Adam – I’ll try to go through your wantlists this month and see what I car return.




2 responses

14 01 2017

It’s always easy to find some cards on your lists! Thanks for the great blog and for being an awesome trader!

15 01 2017

Haha. Thanks Adam!

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