Happy New Year!

1 01 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all you baseball card collectors out there!  2016 has turned the page, and this blog hasn’t had nearly the attention that it used to have.  I did a bunch of stuff in the first 8 months or so, like catching up on completed insert posts and showcasing the parallel card collection I’m doing for each year.  But I stalled at the end of the year and have been posting much less.  I actually didn’t open a single box toward the project this year.  That’s kind of crazy, but I don’t plan to abandon my project.  I can’t promise any more in 2017, but I am gonna continue this blog.  I hope to post a bit more, but mostly I hope to get going with the 2005 box that I’ve owned for a few years.  Hopefully that’s a mid-late January project!

One thing I did do was purchase some cards from COMC on Black Friday.  I got a bunch of cards, but here are some highlights.  This Barry Larkin SuperChrome Refractor is going to lead to my next post!


And I got a few other parallels toward this thing I’m doing – from newer sets.


Finally, I got a bunch of inserts.  At least one completed insert sets, so I need to do another post for that.

I just want to reiterate – Happy New Year to all you card collectors out there!  I had a great 2016, though I focused a little bit less of my free time on baseball cards.  For anyone who reads this blog, thanks so much for reading.  It’s a great journal for me.  And while it’s no longer a regular posting thing, I still enjoy this hobby – just in different volumes from before.





One response

6 01 2017

We all slow down with age! I think you post more frequently than most bloggers. Keep it up! I have some 2009 Topps doubles set aside for you so hopefully you get to that set within 5 years!

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