More cards from reader Bill #3 – cards for the actual purpose of this website!

29 12 2016

Wrapping up my 3-part post from reader Bill – he sent a bunch of cards that qualify as “the purpose of this blog”.  Back in 2010, I started on a journey to get every Topps card from 1980 to 2009.  Along the way, I’ve decided to go after insert cards, I’ve taken a number of detours and pauses, and I have been going after cards post-2009.  But any time I get cards for that 1980 to 2009 time frame, it’s exciting!

First up – 2002 Topps.  Bill sent me 20+ cards from the 2002 Topps set, which gets me down to about 15 cards until I finish that set!


Bill also sent me a bunch of cards from the 2002 Topps Update set – a few of which are the hard-to-find SP cards in the first 110 cards of the set!


That’s 2002, on to 2003.  More base cards from the flagship set.  Getting there on these years!


There were a few cards from 2003 Traded as well, and he also sent a few 2004 Topps cards.  I forgot to scan them before sending them to their final resting place.  Oops!  I’m now just a few cards away from finishing both sets.

Finally, I’m on to some insert cards that Bill sent.  Here’s all of them.

trade-reader-bill-early-00-inserts trade-reader-bill-early-00-inserts-2


Again, thanks for sending all those cards, Bill!  I wish I had half the cards from your wantlist to send your way – so if you ever expand said wantlist, let me know and I’ll contribute as best I can.




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