Trade / Cards sent from reader Bill

22 11 2016

I haven’t done too many trades this year.  In fact, I think the last one was in March or April of this year.  But a blog reader contacted me a little bit ago saying he had some cards to send my way.  He sure wasn’t lying – he sent a bunch of 2001 Topps cards from my want list.  I fully intend on completing this Lifetime Topps project, and getting base cards is the best way to do that!

Here are highlights from the base 2001 set (15 cards off the list in total):


And here are the best cards from the 2001 Topps Traded set (22 more cards off the old wantlist):


Finally, Bill sent me a card from the All-Star Stitches set.  This is Todd Frazier.  It’s the chrome version, which is cool because I want all the Frazier cards from this set!  HR Derby champ was the best sporting event I’ve been to!


Bill – thanks for the trade!  I’ll go through the wantlist you sent and see what I can find!



2 responses

26 11 2016
Bill Kearney

Charley; Thanks for the shout out on the blog. I put another box of cards in the mail this afternoon. Bill

27 11 2016

Always great to be able to knock some off the list for 2001 since it’s so difficult to get nice ones out of unopened packs! Have anymore to trade, Bill?

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