Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #72 Bench Warmer Porter

19 11 2016

This is the last Cooperstown Brewing post for me!  I went to Cooperstown and some surrounding areas 3 months ago, and now I’ve finally posted all the baseball beers I drank.  Most were Cooperstown Brewing Company beers – this is the 7th and last of theirs. I posted about the brewery itself about back when I was there.

CBC tap bar

Brewery:  Cooperstown Brewing in Milford, NY

cbc-benchwarmer-porter-bottleBeer:  Bench Warmer Porter

Description:  “A full-bodied, rich smooth porter using 4% chocolate malt, subtle floral, herbal character.”

It pours a dark color as you’d expect from a porter, with hints of chocolate and smoke.  Other than their Induction Ale, this is my favorite beer of theirs.

Medium:  I had it on tap, and bought a few bottles.  Of course you could buy a pint, too.

How it’s related to baseball:  All of CBC’s beers are baseball themed; they’re built around the idea that a brewery around Cooperstown should focus on the baseball part of the town.  This beer is focusing on the depth of a team – the guys on the bench.  I guess they would be fine drinking a slightly heavier beer since they’re not going to get into the game :)!

CBC Benchwarmer porter



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