Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #70 Cooperstown Induction Ale

15 10 2016

Another Cooperstown Brewing Co for this Saturday’s post.  I’m going to do as many “Saturday Suds” as possible from this brewery when the appropriate day of the week comes around.  Have a few more.  This is Cooperstown Brewing Company beer #6, and it’s a special one – the Induction Ale.

CBC tap bar

I posted about the brewery itself about a month ago.

Brewery:  Cooperstown Brewing in Milford, NY

cbc-induction-aleBeer:  Induction Ale

Description:  “Limited Release. Rye malt along with bitter orange peel provides a subtle twist of spice and citrus. Collectors Series label.”

It sounds like CBC is going to brew this every year, and every year it’s in a different type of bottle.

When I was in Cooperstown for the Griffey/Piazza Hall of Fame induction, you could find this all over the city.  And it was the best beer I had from CBC.  Other than the AleSmith Tony Gwynn IPA – it was the best beer I had in Cooperstown.

Medium:  It comes in a 12 ounce bottle.  You can get it on tap at the brewery at the right time of year – but only then.

How it’s related to baseball:  All of CBC’s beers are baseball themed; they’re built around the idea that a brewery around Cooperstown should focus on the baseball part of the town.  This beer is specially made for the Hall of Fame induction.  This year’s bottle has the numbers 24 and 31 on the label for Griffey and Piazza.



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